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Financial Risk Management

ESG after COVID-19

22 Dec 2020

ESG awareness has been growing slowly in the past decade, however in the past couple of years there has been a significant shift in the uptake of ESG investing, talks about the ESG philosophies and companies’ fiduciary duty to adopt ESG principles. There is still much more to be done and achieved, but today there is already a wider focus on ESG, ad...


Innovation in Financial Services

Impact Investing - Friend or Foe?

07 Feb 2020

Climate change, environment, pollution - all seem to be catch phrases now more than ever. Abbreviations such as SDG or the ESG gap are all over the internet and news. Even Davos, the world economic forum, had a very strong theme – climate change. By now almost everyone should be familiar with Greta Thunberg. Her activism and her straight to the po...

Behavioral Economics in Banking

Investing: DIY or Trust Others?

21 Jun 2019

Retail investors face long odds in the capital markets against well-informed, sophisticated, and specialised financial institutions. Based on the analysis performed by finance magnates it appears that 70 to 80 percent of retail clients are losing and that is the norm. There is very little that brokerage companies can do to stop their clients from ...



Who Makes Money in FinTech?

19 Mar 2019

The world has become more comfortable with the faster pace of financial innovation, with institutions using data analytics more extensively, digitising processes and customers prioritising these advantages over traditional services. There are many examples of innovative ideas transferred into billion-dollar companies in US with examples such as St...