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Naresh Kurup

De-risking Customer Onboarding with Cross-channel, Real-time CDD

(First in the two-part series on improving customer lifecycle management in banks) A 1000-mile journey begins with a single step’ – ancient Chinese adage In today’s intensely competitive environment...

23 Oct 2018
Inese Zepa

How Back-office Holds Banks Back From Successful Digitization

There is a huge misconception that investing in customer solutions is enough to ensure successful banking digitization. According to a World Economic Forum report 2018 by Bain & Company, only 1% o...

23 Oct 2018
Retired Member

A Perfect Core System that Never Made it to Market

If ever, or at least the past 45 years, there was a software marriage (integration) of two core systems that I considered the perfect transaction, it would have been Metavante's IBS and Temenos's T24....

22 Oct 2018
Retired Member

On Cloud Nine - How Banks Can Master the Challenge of Digitalization

Today, banks are facing many challenges, not just high fees and lack of transparency, but competition from emerging fintech companies who are entering the market with modern applications and innovativ...

17 Oct 2018
Retired Member

An Open Future for Finance

To deliver the level of quality expected from an organisation in today’s consumer-prioritized environment, banks are not only having to adapt to the evolving needs of the customer, but also to new reg...

17 Oct 2018
Retired Member

New Technologies create new opportunities in trade finance and working capital

At Sibos 2014 in Boston blockchain was the talk of the show and the movement towards adoption of new technologies was up and running. As Sibos 2018 opens in Sydney, APIs and open banking based on thei...

16 Oct 2018
Retired Member

Seven-second credit scoring and innovation at the core: reflection on the future of legacy banks

The disruption of the banking industry started a while ago, with more and more challenger banks serving both private customers and SMEs. Everything from current accounts to money transfers to credit s...

15 Oct 2018
Retired Member

Brex - not Brexit - is the shape of things to come

There are a lot of discussions on LinkedIn about the Brex duo - two 22-year olds who built a unicorn in less than two years. “Young and inexperienced, did not invent anything new, there are thousands...

14 Oct 2018
Retired Member

Banks Looking into Cryptocurrencies more Actively than Ever

Cryptocurrencies used to be a low-profile element on the financial market, with many predicting that they’re just a passing fad which would be over quickly. We’ve been going through some interesting t...

13 Oct 2018
Michael Kerman

Eight Reasons Why Search Engines Are Not Due Diligence

Search engines are free, easy to use and powerful. Could you use them to run a KYC/AML screening program? You could - but in the end, it will expose you to significantly more cost and risk than opting...

12 Oct 2018
Ambrish Parmar

250,000 reasons to say thank you

Dear community members, 250,000 reasons to say thank you. The Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation community group has passed the 250,000 readership mark within 3 months. ~ 50 posts // over 25...

12 Oct 2018
Andrew Beatty

The Tortoise and the Hare: Part Two: The Branch Needs to Get Smart

In the Tortoise and the Hare Part One, I talked about getting faster, moving channels, and working with slower-changing core banking systems. However within our channels there is a similar race where ...

11 Oct 2018

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