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Moises Cohen

Covid Has Catalyzed Banking Innovation: The Challenges and Opportunities that Remain

Covid-19 has been a transformative experience for banks. With lockdowns and limits on in-person service, banks were forced to quickly arrange for an increased volume of online services. As a result, a...

05 Jan 2021
Akhil Rao

The Importance Of Data in A Payment And Why Is The Switch Over To ISO 20022 Is So Significant?

The main reason to switch is that ISO 20022 payments messages carry much richer information than the redundant SWIFT MT messages and other legacy formats commonly used today. Also, the information in...

23 Dec 2020
Paul Farrington

Banks are improving application security, so what’s next?

December is often a reflective month, when organisations take stock of what’s been achieved over the past year and outline their ambitions for the year ahead. It’s obvious that 2020 has been a year li...

21 Dec 2020
Nikunj Gundaniya

5 Steps for Secure Digital Banking Channels in the COVID-19

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, banks and finance companies rushed to make their transactions digital. All the countries started imposing lockdowns to protect their citizens. Due to this,...

21 Dec 2020
Steve Morgan

Constant change is our reality - so how can banks adapt?

We are seeing a state of flux in several areas of banking: customer needs, environmental obligations, banking requirements and more. Until now, it has been a struggle for banks to keep up and manage e...

18 Dec 2020
Andrew Beatty

Core Banking Pricing Paradigms are Changing with the Times

In the words of famed singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, “The Times, They Are A Changing.” In this blog we examine how pricing models are changing and emerging, both in terms of consumer behavior in general...

17 Dec 2020
Stephen Stantiall

The power of people-led transformation, and how to make it happen

This blog was co-authored by Daniella Chrysochou, Senior Consultant & Steve Stantiall, Senior Consultant at Capco Many financial services organizations are transforming the way in which they deli...

16 Dec 2020
Kaustuv Ghosh

Covid, Lending and The Road Ahead

As we approach 2021, access to money represents both a challenge and opportunity. Companies need access to capital and in the short term, to loans. The latter may be required at increasing frequency i...

14 Dec 2020
Dmitry Dolgorukov

AI for Credit Risk Management: Banking and Finance

A strong credit risk management system in combination with AI and ML technologies can not only mitigate financial risks but also level up the effectiveness of decision-making processes, increasing a c...

14 Dec 2020
Joaquin De Valenzuela Muley

Catalyst for change - How covid is driving banks to improve customer experience

As covid-19 accelerates the take-up of digital banking services, banks have a unique opportunity to address two of the biggest problems facing the sector: customer satisfaction and trust. When the co...

10 Dec 2020
Barley Laing

ID Verification is no longer an obstacle to global growth

The global growth of banks and challenger fintechs based in the western world has long been restricted because of issues related to effective identity (ID) verification. The stumbling block has been l...

04 Dec 2020
Andrew Beatty

The Race to Real Time: Why the Clock Is Ticking

As the global financial services industry accelerates towards real-time payments, banks must find a way to keep up. Banking expert, advisor and futurist Brett King suggests that “The best service in f...

03 Dec 2020