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Steve Morgan

Sanctions, Financial Crime and Straight Through Processing: Plugging the Gaps

In the fast-paced world of modern banking, seamless, efficient, and compliant transaction processing is now a requirement to operate effectively, particularly when it comes to meeting regulatory compl...

15 Aug 2023
Indra Chourasia

Dominance of Big Techs in the Financial Sector: Regulatory and Policy Making Dilemma

Emergence of ubiquitous Big Techs Big techs, more popularly known as Tech Giants, are the large information technology companies, whose dominance across industry sectors is manifested by a marked upsh...

14 Aug 2023
John Bertrand

APP Fraud: UK Government and UK Supreme Court at odds: what shall we do as scams jump 24%?

In June the UK Government gave royal assent to allow the Payment System Regulator (PSR) to mandate reimbursements for scam victims. Consumer and small enterprises (<£5 million revenue) are to recei...

12 Aug 2023
Sergiy Fitsak

Harnessing the Power of Graph Technology for Fraud Prevention

What is Graph Technology and What Can it do for Financial Institutions? Graph technology has been a cornerstone of mathematics for centuries, and its application in financial institutions and fintechs...

03 Aug 2023
Marie Beau

Unlocking Efficiency: How AI-based Business Assistant Apps are outshining accounting systems

In the fast-paced world of business, the ability to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and make informed decisions is paramount. For decades, accounting systems such as ERPs have been the go...

01 Aug 2023
Abhinav Paliwal

Exploring Fintech's Next Frontier - Physical Branches

Fintech, short for financial technology, has been revolutionizing the financial services industry with its innovative approach to providing banking and financial solutions. Traditionally known for the...

01 Aug 2023
Julie Muckleroy

Say My Name: How personalized customer experiences can elevate financial services

By Franklin Manchester and Julie Muckleroy “Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Dale Carnegie’s words from nearly a century ago suggest an answer to a question troubling ...

28 Jul 2023
Mark Jackson

Building Brand Loyalty: 3 Reasons Customer Engagement Programs are Vital for Financial Institutions

Many businesses are seeking ways to stay resilient and keep their customers engaged while an economic crunch continues to create spending challenges. Even when times get tough, reward programs can hel...

26 Jul 2023
Olivier Berthier

Embracing digital in the face of bank branch closures

In recent years, the landscape of banking across the globe has undergone significant transformations. Among these many changes, the closure of bank branches on the high street has become a common sigh...

26 Jul 2023
Maria Schuld

Generating Deposits while Protecting Margins

The number one concern of banking executives I spoke with at a recent industry conference was deposit growth. Specifically, bankers want to grow core deposits without pricing themselves into less prof...

25 Jul 2023
Retired Member

PEPs and Sanctions lists are not set in stone

In the UK, fraud has become a significant concern, to the point where it has been reclassified as a threat to national security, elevating its status to that of terrorism. This highlights the importa...

20 Jul 2023
Sergiy Fitsak

How To Be (And Stay!) a Disruptor In The Payment Card Market

This guide aims to help you gain a competitive edge in the Payments Market with insights, trends, and technological awareness. Payments Market Overview The digital payments market has witnessed incred...

19 Jul 2023

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