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Yuval Ziv

Managing Director, Digital Payments at Nuvei
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Bio Managing operations for SafeCharge International Limited as well as a Board member of the Company. Working towards our aim of expanding across geographies and new business markets to become the most reliable payment service provider. Career History Over 15 years experience in global online payments for E-commerce, online retail & travel, forex & gaming industries. Over 20 years of financial & IT industry experience. Vast knowledge of regulations, technology advancement & payment culture. Industry expert on payments and risk management.


UK Faster Payments

What happens after clicking the 'Buy' button? 6 Best practices to increase conversion at checkout

23 Nov 2017

e-commerce retailers spend a lot of time and money on marketing and advertising to their customers, enticing them to browse and buy. On an ecommerce site, algorithms often reveal recommended products on pages designed to make browsing simple and free from friction. But it’s the final hurdle in the payment stage, that’s often the most important. Th...



How marketplaces can grow faster using the right payment technology

11 Aug 2017

The Sharing Economy Boom Online marketplaces are named for their real-life counterparts – a single place you can visit and buy goods from a multitude of sellers. Being online means that a marketplace can be far bigger and offer far more variety than any offline market. It can offer virtual as well as physical goods. And it can sell goods both home...

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The role of digital currencies in the new era of open finance

05 Jul 2021

The open banking revolution has been fuelled by the needs of digital-savvy customers yearning for more sophisticated services than legacy banks could offer. Now, as open finance emerges as the next step in this journey of innovation, digital currencies are naturally set to play a significant role. There are plenty of indications that digital along...