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Joris Lochy

Big Data in the Financial Services Industry - From data to insights

1. Introduction Just as "Cloud", "IoT" (Internet of Things), "Open Banking" and "Machine Learning", "Big Data" is one of the most written buzzwords in...

09 Sep 2019
Willem Lambrechts


It must have happened to you. It certainly happens to me every once in a while. I need to find something urgently and even have no clue where to start searching. Typically a spare part of one or anoth...

13 Aug 2019
Devendra Bhudia

How to avoid a data management headache post M&A

Earlier this year, Invesco's chief executive, Martin Flanagan, was quoted as saying that "a third of the asset management industry could disappear over the next five years". It follows Inve...

17 Jul 2019
Paul Malyon

Developing a data literate workforce

The acceleration of technology means that we now live in a world built on data - it is everywhere, forever growing in value and significance. It has the potential to make hugely positive changes to th...

08 Jul 2019
Retired Member

Assessing the Financial Cost of Poor Data in Banking

The cost of dirty data – data that is inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent – is enormous. Earlier this year, Gartner reported that, on average, poor quality data cost an organisation $15 million in...

13 Jun 2019
Jean-Paul Carbonnier

Market Data, Reference Data and Blockchain

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), has the potential to disrupt a wide range of business models across the financial services industry. However, the potential application of blockchai...

13 Mar 2019
Jan Dinger

Data Lessons From the Shutdown Blues

One of the lesser-reported consequences of the recent US government partial shutdown was its effect upon the reporting of key economic and financial markets data. Many regulatory agencies closed up sh...

27 Feb 2019
Paul Malyon

Data 'control issues' still holding businesses back

We have come along way when it comes to the effective management and utilisation of data. However, according to our recent research, most businesses are still struglling to unlock the full potential o...

14 Feb 2019
Mark Goldspink

Where oil and data do meet

As Bernard Marr suggests “Data is the new oil!” It is a claim you will have heard many times. Marr goes on to suggest that “It’s easy to draw parallels due to the way information (data) is used to po

31 Jan 2019
Eli Rosner

Data - it's what you do with it that counts

The volume, variety and velocity of data created in the digital age is making data usage a strategic priority for banks of all sizes. Data is often described as the ‘new currency’, and rightly so, as ...

04 Jan 2019