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Head of Data Literacy at Experian
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Data Management 101

5 principles of data literacy

26 Feb 2020

It’s clear the vast majority of businesses see data as among their most valuable assets, vital to success. Being a genuinely data-informed business is of huge importance to winning a competitive advantage. However, recent Experian research suggests that although companies have an abundance of data, they are struggling to achieve their data-informe...

Data Management 101

The human impact of data literacy

31 Jan 2020

As the amount of data continues to grow year on year, a business’s ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can extract insight, apply analytics and implement new technologies. That’s key to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing economy, leveraging rich datasets to get a deeper understanding of their customers, operations ...

Data Management 101

Developing a data literate workforce

08 Jul 2019

The acceleration of technology means that we now live in a world built on data - it is everywhere, forever growing in value and significance. It has the potential to make hugely positive changes to the way we all live and work. But it all means nothing if you can’t use it. Innovation in data technologies certainly make it easier to simplify data, ...

Data Management 101

Data 'control issues' still holding businesses back

14 Feb 2019

We have come along way when it comes to the effective management and utilisation of data. However, according to our recent research, most businesses are still struglling to unlock the full potential of thier data assets. 95% of organisations say see negative impacts from poor data quality, affecting customer experience, business efficiency, and org...