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Powering purchasing with process mining

Where did this invoice come from? And why was an order placed with this supplier? With efficiency largely defining success, these are questions that any head of purchasing should not have to concern t...

01 Nov 2017
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AnaCredit - An Overview of European Regulatory Reporting

Introduction AnaCredit (The Analytical Credit and Credit Risk Dataset), is a project from the European Central Bank (ECB) to create a shared database containing information on bank loans to compan

27 Sep 2017
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Beautiful visualisations are worthless without good data

There are a number of challenges business leaders face when it comes to good financial planning – with concerns around business agility, inefficient reporting and long budget cycles all standing in th...

22 Sep 2017
Andrew Quartermaine

Drowning in Data? Or Thirsty for More? Omni-Channel’s Biggest Challenge

There is no doubt that retailers recognize the value of knowing their customers better. Whatever the merchant sector, geography, or business model, understanding customer buying habits, payment and ch...

02 Aug 2017
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Data Lakes May be Failing Banks, but it Doesn’t Need to be This Way

The reality for many banks is that data lakes are becoming data swamps, with business users unable to access the large volumes of machine-generated, clickstream, and externally generated data that liv...

23 May 2017