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Jonathan Westley

Jonathan Westley

Chief Data Officer, Experian UK & EMEA at Experian
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Data Management 101

Driving a data innovation strategy in a digital world

03 Dec 2019

Data underpins the modern economy. Every single day, Experian processes more than 100,000 applications for credit cards, mortgages, loans and current accounts and more than 500,000 soft searches, helping individuals take control of their finances and protecting their credit report at the same time. But data itself is constantly changing and evolvi...

Financial Inclusion

Exploring the power of new data sources

29 Apr 2019

Financial exclusion is a significant issue, particularly here in the UK. It results in many people finding it difficult it difficult to access basic banking services or facing severe restrictions on the financial products they can use - many of which most of us take for granted. According to the Financial Inclusion Commission, more than 1.5 millio...


How trended data can help lenders to make more informed decisions

30 Jul 2018

It’s been an unusual summer. England’s footballers reached their first World Cup semi-final in 28 years, while the heatwave has caused meteorologists to make comparisons with weather 42 years ago. Now the Office for National Statistics has identified another rare event: UK households have become net borrowers for the first time in almost 30 years. ...

Digital Banking Trends

Developing digital mortgages with customers in mind

15 Jan 2018

Today’s customer expects to be able to access the products and services they want with the push of a button. This includes a wide range of financial products available on digital platforms. Research shows that millennials in particular are increasingly trusting when it comes to technology. Even when it comes to mortgages they are driving digitalisa...