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Jan Dinger

Data Lessons From the Shutdown Blues

One of the lesser-reported consequences of the recent US government partial shutdown was its effect upon the reporting of key economic and financial markets data. Many regulatory agencies closed up sh...

27 Feb 2019
Paul Malyon

Data 'control issues' still holding businesses back

We have come along way when it comes to the effective management and utilisation of data. However, according to our recent research, most businesses are still struglling to unlock the full potential o...

14 Feb 2019
Mark Goldspink

Where oil and data do meet

As Bernard Marr suggests “Data is the new oil!” It is a claim you will have heard many times. Marr goes on to suggest that “It’s easy to draw parallels due to the way information (data) is used to po

31 Jan 2019
Eli Rosner

Data - it's what you do with it that counts

The volume, variety and velocity of data created in the digital age is making data usage a strategic priority for banks of all sizes. Data is often described as the ‘new currency’, and rightly so, as ...

04 Jan 2019
Vishwanath Thanalapatti

Data Analytics: As Good As the User

Numbers are more persuasive; visual representations gravitate bringing the ‘wow’ factor. All this is possible by the sophisticated tools of today that churn large amounts of data into nice beautiful ...

14 Dec 2018
Abhijit Deb

Innovation and Commoditisation: Extracting Value from the New Era of Payments

Consumers now expect easy and immediate payment services, no matter where they are or what they are buying, whatever the payment method. It may be symptomatic of the ‘age of instant gratification,’ bu...

21 Nov 2018
Bo Harald

Four big screens

The Real Time Economy Program in Finland (2006- ) did early on set goals like: - Real Time Tax reporting of salaries, pensions and social support (for salaries ready in 2019 - rest in 2020). Dividend...

14 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Is AI revolutionizing the Digital Marketing & redefining it as Artificial Intelligence Marketing

A few years back - incorporating AI in digital marketing was very much reluctant, but now, AI is evolving and has made its prominence in all aspects of our life, and; digital marketing is not an excep...

06 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Hidden data heroes: what business data managers can do for financial services firms

As a highly-regulated industry, banking has traditionally focused on locking data down and making it secure. But a new breed of digital-first consumers is now challenging financial services organisati...

15 Oct 2018
Retired Member

Data needs action, and action needs data.

Data and action need to go hand in hand in the new world. Lots of data is great but what are you going to do with it? It’s a challenge facing multiple industries with the popularity of the Internet of...

14 Sep 2018
Maxim Pertl

New standards on the horizon for the new digital asset class

New initiatives to keep an eye on New York City, Aug. 29 2018 New standards on the horizon for the new digital asset class The new asset class, DAC or Digital Asset Class, is soon to become more matur...

29 Aug 2018
Retired Member

Bank App customers are right to worry about their Personal Data

This is an issue that has worried us for a while. For over 7 years we've been working in the Mobile Financial Services space and throughout that period we hear time and time again in our interactions ...

29 Aug 2018