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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Joris Lochy

Manage the new jungle of your subscriptions - Banks and Fintechs should step up to the challenge

With more and more companies switching from transaction-based consumption to subscription-based solution models and customers (both consumers as businesses) actively adopting this trend, the managemen...

10 Aug 2020
Rupert Fallows

Unlocking digital transformation in governance, risk, and compliance with automation

In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape that's tightly coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, GRC transformation has become extremely crucial to both short term and long term success of an organ...

04 Aug 2020
Claus Christensen

Are we witnessing an Agile Revolution in Client Onboarding?

Traditionally, a digitisation project at a financial institution has been a unique opportunity to shape the way entire teams work, introducing procedures and systems that would stay in place for a lon...

27 Jul 2020
Retired Member

Digitalisation in compliance will be vital to remote working revolution

An ever-evolving regulatory landscape has posed major challenges for financial services firms in recent years. But the move to remote working, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, has posed a completely...

24 Jul 2020
Joris Lochy

Monetization of a marketplace in the financial industry - Make your idea profitable!

Marketplaces are on the rise! A digital marketplace is an online platform, where different third-parties connect and supply and demand can be matched. This supply/demand can be a specific product or s...

19 Jul 2020
Anthony Walton

The Testing Challenge: Time

Accurate testing of systems and data processing software is critical to business success. Whether it’s a major twice-yearly waterfall software release or this month’s agile update, bug-free systems ar...

13 Jul 2020
Jamie Nascimento

Now is the time to bring your business idea to life

Words: 1,077 - 3 minute read. It may not seem like a sensible idea to be launching a business during a global pandemic, but if you get the fundamentals right, you can reap the rewards. There’s a glo...

09 Jul 2020
Kevin O'Neill

Digitalize-or-Die Crossroads for Asset Servicing: Closing the Client and Investor Experience Gap

The Asset Servicing (AS) industry is an essential but often overlooked component of global financial markets. Yet, while transfer agents and fund administrators are critical to the smooth running of m...

08 Jul 2020
Steve Morgan

Why Capacity and Capability are Banks’ Best Friends Right Now

COVID-19 scattered workforces and business operations virtually overnight. At the same time, the impact of the pandemic has accelerated digital sales and service demand in ways that suggest permanent ...

07 Jul 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Credit origination - A lot of innovation on the horizon

While consumer credits are becoming more automated and user-friendly to request, all other credits are often still very manual and labor intensive to originate. In this (relatively long) blog I will t...

30 Jun 2020
Natalie Pavlovskaya

The Lockdown Effect: Increased Lending Software Demand

Financial institutions are facing a gap between traditional and tech-focused models caused by insufficient attention being devoted to digital transformation. According to Oliver Wyman, banks today co...

23 Jun 2020
Jonathan Westley

Data-driven innovation can help us avoid the mistakes of 2008

The long-term economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is still largely unknown, but it’s likely to make an impact like nothing we’ve seen since the Second World War. With a few nations emerging from ...

12 Jun 2020