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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Christoph Gugelmann

The need for a revolution in trade finance

Over the last decade, there’s not a single industry that hasn’t been re-shaped by technology in one form or another. However global trade and trade finance is one of the few exceptions where change ha...

23 Feb 2021
Carl Wegner

Trade Digitisation: To scale is to standardise

The global trade and trade finance industries are nearing an inflection point where we will either embrace digital platforms en masse, or will return to discussions about a future held back by endless...

11 Feb 2021
Garima Chaudhary

How Graph Analytics Revolutionizes the War Against Human Trafficking

The United Nations Office of Drug Crime estimates that $800 billion to $2 trillion, or 2-5% of global GDP, is laundered globally every year. What is driving this massive amount of money laundering? A...

02 Feb 2021
Garima Chaudhary

How Advanced Technologies Can Fight Money Laundering by Drug Traffickers

Drug Trafficking Is Widespread Drug trafficking is a global problem—and despite decades of research, regulations, and enforcement, it remains a $400 billion global business. Government ministries and ...

26 Jan 2021
Elliott Limb

2021 Fintech Predictions

A return to relationship banking The move away from customer-centric banking was so gradual that we barely noticed it. There was a time when having a personal relationship with your local branch mana...

08 Jan 2021
Jane Zimmerman

Don’t Let the Beauty of Art Disguise Money Laundering

Money Laundering in the World of Fine Art Criminals remain relentless in their quest to stay one step ahead of the law. The connection between money laundering and the rarified world of fine art is a ...

17 Dec 2020
John Erik Setsaas

Basics of digital onboarding: what are the consequences of bad customer onboarding?

A business which asks for too much information or is confusing about their data needs will simply alienate the customer. Customer onboarding has always been important, but in the new digital world, wh...

11 Dec 2020
John Erik Setsaas

Basics of digital onboarding: why you need to know who your customer is

“The human face is, after all, nothing more nor less than a mask.” Dame Agatha Christie, the famous murder-mystery writer, once said. Our face is just a mask in an ocean of masks, and it only shows wh...

10 Dec 2020
Gary Ford

Why Collective Intelligence amid COVID-19? How to build organisational resilience & innovate

Collective intelligence and dialogic communication are possibly alien concepts amongst the banking and financial services community. Many senior leaders would likely dismiss it as irrelevant to their...

07 Dec 2020
Diederick Van Thiel

Win or lose? Winning banks break through the Big Tech Nash equilibrium.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, where companies need to try and stay ahead of their competition, innovation should be one of the most important focus areas. According to strategy consulta...

09 Nov 2020
Payson Johnton

Modernizing Fintech Compliance in a Post-COVID Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. People have switched traditional retail stores for online delivery, students at schools and universities have had to switch from in-person classes...

04 Nov 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Investing - A spectrum of choices

In our last blog we introduced a number of ways how banks can activate the ever increasing amounts of saving deposits, by turning them into investments. However once customers have taken the decision ...

02 Nov 2020