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Building your first startup? Here are some tips to avoid tunnel vision

21 Apr 2023

After years of unprecedented growth and record profits, the tech industry is experiencing a bit of a wobble. In 2022, US-based tech companies laid off over 140,000 people; this year we are already at 106,000 within the first quarter. Not to mention the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which sent shockwaves across the tech ecosystem. Starting a bus...

Going green

Green Economy and Climate Change: It is where the Money is Heading

10 Feb 2023

We are now well into the first quarter of 2023 and it is hard not to be engulfed by a deep sense of gloom. The front pages of European newspapers are filled daily with details of the latest war atrocities, striking workers, collapsing healthcare systems, effects of inflation and the cost of living crisis and the impending climate catastrophe. Some...

Climate Fintech

Sustainable Investment in Agriculture: fighting climate change through regenerative finance

06 Jun 2022

There has been a noticeable shift in understanding within the investment community about finance’s influence in driving sustainable outcomes. Given that the financial markets are hugely impacted by external factors and barely a week goes by without news of another natural or man-made disaster, there is a widespread realisation that investing in su...