Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Andersen
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Financial Transformation

How Blockchain Can Improve Insurance: Enhanced Reliability and Speed

08 Sep 2022

Insurance is one of the industries actively introducing technology into its processes. In 2021, 59% of insurance firms increased their investment in innovation to show customers new and better ways to deliver services, collect data, and detect fraud. Currently, blockchain technology constitutes a small but significant part of InsurTech's innovatio...


Mobile Banking Apps: Four Key Features of a Thought-out UX/UI Design

26 Aug 2022

Nowadays, banking apps are widely used not only by professionals. Leading banks cooperate with experienced fintech software development companies to create efficient banking solutions that will meet the requirements of any client. In the epoch of increased mobility digital services are getting more and more popular, therefore, it is vitally import...

Financial Transformation

Why Do You Need a Digital Wallet?

11 Aug 2022

The new digital reality is rapidly and irrevocably changing our lives. The impact of digital technology on civilization can only be compared with the appearance of fire when it became clear from the first spark that the world would never be the same. A similar thing has happened again when people can study, work, relax, shop and manage their finan...


Digital Banking Trends

API Economy as a Key for Success of Future Banking and Finance

21 Jul 2022

Application Programming Interfaces are an integral part of the emerging digital space. Without them, benefiting from many of today’s habitual financial services would be at least difficult if not impossible. In this piece, Andersen’s experts in FinTech software development will tell how API-based IT solutions contribute to the success of banks and...