Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Andersen
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Digital Bank Transformation

Making Results of Credit Scoring Transparent Without Compromising Security

23 Sep 2021

Nowadays, the most common problem of scoring is that not everyone can quickly interpret the results that the model produced. A complex algorithm examines dozens of factors in dynamics, and hardly anyone can immediately see and understand what it’s all about. The article describes an algorithm that explains in natural language the strengths and wea...

Innovation in Financial Services

How APIs Are Changing Investment Platforms

13 Sep 2021

What is an API? Why has this technology revolutionized the investment industry? Let's talk about API-based FinTech solutions used by financial institutions to introduce new products and services, increasing their competitive power in the market. What an API is The word 'API' stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’ and is used for one appl...


Building Financial Marketplaces: Approaches and Mistakes

27 Aug 2021

Unfortunately, usual referral systems and showcases of non-financial service providers are sometimes passed off as marketplaces and ecosystems. What is the difference between approaches to creating marketplaces in retail and corporate segments? What are the main mistakes banks make when trying to build an ecosystem for SME clients? Why is the sepa...

Digital Banking Trends

What Will Financial Services of the Future Look Like in the Cloud?

18 Aug 2021

Cloud technologies are attracting more and more attention from IT entrepreneurs and top managers. What are the new opportunities that the cloud opens for companies? In 10 years, banks and financial organizations will be different. In order to meet ever-changing consumer expectations, companies have to change rapidly as well. Key figures of the ba...