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Bio Denys Boiko, the founder of Erglis, a Hungarian-based investment and property management firm, is an entrepreneur and private investor with extensive experience in finance and banking. Now he is exploring new opportunities in the Middle East and South Asia from his UAE base, with a keen interest in digital services. Career History Denys Boiko began his career in European banking in 1997, rapidly ascending to executive roles. He managed strategic initiatives and investments at TNK-BP in 2004 and led financial investments at TAS in 2007. Over the past 15 years, he has focused on financial services and fintech ventures, especially in emerging markets, establishing an investment company in Bahrain in 2023.



Investing in Fintech: How Technology is Reshaping the Financial Services Landscape

16 May 2024

Fintech has been driving change across financial services for well over a decade, attracting many billions of dollars’ worth of investment along the way. Recent quarters have seen a slowing in the rate of deals being done but fintech innovation remains a very powerful economic driver across the global economy. Finding the right focus Source: Puls...