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The pace of evolution for many corporate finance and accounting functions is accelerating. The mandate of the CFO is expanding and the challenges they face accumulating. This blog is an exploration of these topics.

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Elliott Limb

Emerging from digital transformation fatigue, why ecosystem strategy is the way forward

Over the past decade, digital transformation has worked its way to the top of C-suite agendas. Though while it started out as a global business phenomenon, it quickly lost momentum. Buzzword or not, t...

29 Mar 2021
Mike Peplow

How open banking is driving payments innovation

Banking has traditionally been an industry slow to change. Our very concept of a bank has, until the last decade or so, remained consistent with the big, high street providers that define how we think...

22 Feb 2021
Retired Member

2021 and the digital manifesto in Insurance

After a year of facing a global pandemic, an economic downturn and the continuation of typical industry headwinds like new competitors, talent wars, and regulatory pressures, Insurers are more focused...

17 Feb 2021
Luke Hinchliffe

7 Ways APIs Are Revolutionizing KYC and AML

Anyone working in a compliance role in financial services will appreciate the critical part that software plays in effective onboarding, due diligence and anti-money laundering investigations. As bank...

16 Feb 2021
Nikunj Gundaniya

What Is a Lockbox Payment?

Constant cash flow is the most significant aspect of every business. But depositing cheques is always a complicated task for small businesses. It can be painful for the businesses to go to the bank to...

07 Jan 2021
François Lacas

Has Covid-19 helped digitise finance departments?

From all the negativity 2020 has brought with it for finance departments, one silver lining could be the rapid and immediate digitalisation of financial functions, argues Magali Michel, Director at Yo...

10 Dec 2020
Keith Stanton

Covid 19 and the effects on Fraud Prevention - Part 1

2020 has been a challenging for many reasons – the global situation has changed the face many industries – perhaps forever. For many years, the payments industry has spoken about the replacement of ca...

23 Oct 2020
Peter Davidson


Being a human resource manager or a compensation professional, the exercise of doing a compensation planning every year is a tedious task. With companies keeping their merit increase budget same year-...

20 Sep 2020
Adam Holden

The Future of Compliance: Digital Transformation Meets Regulation

Digital Transformation (DT), is nothing new; it’s an industry in itself that has become diluted to a point where it has virtually lost its meaning. However it represents a step-change in the speed at ...

25 Jun 2020
Peter Davidson

Increased Volatility in Financial Markets as COVID-19 Surges

Source: CBOE VIX Options Stock markets, futures markets, and general business sentiment have taken a pounding since the devastating coronavirus outbreak, more recently renamed COVID-19. After a semi

18 Feb 2020
Niall Twomey

KYC Utilities: The Second Coming, Learning from Past Failures

In the previous blog, I examined the current compliance challenge and how e-KYC utilities can solve the age-old challenges of collection, validation and processing of customer data and documentation. ...

11 Feb 2020
Tim Scammell

Turning Numbers into Actions

Today's executives are facing mounting pressures from a variety of new sources. The Traditional demands of product evolution and revenue generation remain unchanged. However, the wide-ranging ramifica...

29 Jan 2020

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