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The Single Euro Payments Area, the Payments Services Directive, the Eurosystem, TARGET2, STEP2, the Euro and related matters.

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Bob Lyddon

Bank of England UK stability fears on Italy banking crisis. Unicredit needs EUR35bn more capital

The Bank of England recently issued its Financial Stability Report and Stress Test results - November 2018. In it the Bank warned that 2 “further deterioration in Italy’s financial outlook could resul...

03 Dec 2018
Bob Lyddon

Eurozone private banks gear up to replace Eurosystem Asset Purchase Programmes

The Eurozone banking system will have to gear itself up this autumn to take over the supply of credit from the Eurosystem, as the Eurosystem’s version of QE - called Asset Purchase Programmes – is wou...

09 Oct 2018
Bob Lyddon

Cyprus' banks reduce their Non-Performing Loans. See how it is done, and weep.

There was an lol for me today, thanks to an article in the Cyprus Business Mail announcing that Non-performing loans (“NPLs”) in the Cypriot banking system had fallen in March 2018 by almost €2.1bn to...

13 Jul 2018
Bob Lyddon

Virtual Accounts and On behalf of payments raise major AML issues

We have issued another call to Wolfsberg Group, this time to make major changes to the section in their Payment Transparency Standards 2017 on “On behalf of” payments, and the related Virtual Accounts...

05 Jun 2018
Bob Lyddon

Euro Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities, an anagram for colossal stuffee

The EU has unveiled the awaited plan to create Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities or SBBS in Euro, supposedly “to encourage banks and investors to diversify their holdings of euro zone bonds”. The plan ...

24 May 2018
Bob Lyddon

The Euro's battle for survival - entering the Red Zone

We have been analysing, for the thinktank the Bruges Group, the extreme difficulties in which the Eurozone finds itself, after years of economic stimulus totalling over 3% of GDP per annum and the bui...

22 May 2018
Bob Lyddon

Is the ECB bankrupt, at least on a mark-to-market basis?

Yesterday Reuters published an article entitled "Restive bond markets may complicate ECB's exit plans". This was a piece speculating about how and when the ECB can taper off and finish its A...

21 Feb 2018
Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018: new EU Treaty signed for full EMU

This is the third of our predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about the Euro and its path to full completion. Brexit is both a threat and an opportunity for the “centralisers” at t...

31 Dec 2017
Bob Lyddon

PSD2 compliance for leg-out payments difficilitated by the virtual elimination of Cover payments

Banks in the EU/EEA will be obliged – as from January 2018 – to quote all-in prices to their customers for: payments going to or coming from outside the EU/EEA, in any currency; and payments with bot...

28 Sep 2017
Carlos Figueredo

PSD2 - Time for banks to join in or lose out

It is no secret that the PSD2 regulation will open up the playing field to Fintechs and to the creation of AISP’s (Account Information Service Providers) and PISP’s (Payment Information Service Provi...

21 Aug 2017
Rakesh Lakhani

How will banning credit card surcharging impact the uptake of PSD2 PISP transactions

PSD2 introduces two measures amongst others that potentially contradict each other and may limit their ability to hit the goals they set out to achieve: Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) ...

17 Aug 2017
Carlos Figueredo

PSD2 Solutions - Who to choose in today's fintech crowded world?

There are numerous articles related to PSD2 as to what it is and what it will mean to the various parties involved but there are also countless firms stating that they offer PSD2 solutions, which in t...

13 Aug 2017

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