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Bernd Richter

SVP - Real Time Payments Network - Europe at FIS
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Trends in Financial Services

The EU pension dilemma: Pan-European Personal Pension to the rescue?

08 Feb 2020

Pension is known in the western world as income at age and what pays the bills, when one retires from his/her job life, what was put aside during work life. But not many actually understand how much is needed to be prepared for age or may be in false hope that state pension will be enough for a living. The EU recently progressed a Pan-European Per...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Payments as a service - a new normal future of payments?

19 Jan 2020

Banks are increasingly outsourcing their core payments platform technology and operations. What seemed in past years far fetched even to consider has become a viable option. Is Payments as a Service (PaaS) on the brink of becoming the new normal for banks as technology-focused payments service providers are winning more and larger in scope mandate...

SEPA and European Payments

European Mobile Payments - the next chapter?

03 Sep 2019

Yet another run on mobile payments in Europe - or really the next chapter to build a realistic and successful counterbalance to Apple, Google, Samsung, Visa, Mastercard and alike? An newly created alliance of European payment providers wants to create a pan-European standard for smartphone payments as an alternative that does not require Apple, G...



PSD2 What SHOULD It Stand For?

05 Apr 2016

We all know the official definition: Payments Services Directive 2, but we should be looking at ‘alternative versions’. “Perfect Storm Digital 2”, “Premier Service Driver 2”, “Paradigm Shift Dynamic 2”? OK, they may never catch on as advertising slogans. But they all go some way to capturing the sense of excitement and opportunity that should be a...