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Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

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Vladimir Ershov

Unboxing Skynet for Regulatory Compliance

Last week, the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics took place online. Most of the discussion was dedicated to AI and linguistics, with round tables based around cognit...

17 Jul 2020
Ryan Clifford

Machine Learning challenges in legacy organisations

Fans of machine learning suggest it as a possible solution for everything. From customer service to finding tumours, any industry in which big data can be easily accessed, analysed and organised is ri...

14 Jul 2020
Steven Rackham

Has AI arrived for financial services?

When will artificial intelligence really have ‘arrived’? For a long time, this was a question for philosophers and computer scientists, pondering over whether passing the Turing test truly indicates i...

02 Jul 2020
Charlie Henderson

Business resiliency- use AI to move from survive to thrive

Organisations need to focus on managing and reducing costs in a crisis, whilst simultaneously ensuring there is available scope to perform over the longer term. It is essential to have a strong focus ...

01 Jul 2020
Vishwanath Thanalapatti

To Decide or Not to Decide - XAI is the Answer

The corporate world was better prepared in the wake of the tectonic shifts that we are passing through. All that was required was a change in the mind set; this without the option. The digital mantra...

23 Jun 2020
Charlotte W.

Banking industry affects due to Covid-19

The term Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a computer program embedded with aspects of human intelligence i.e the ability to think like human beings. In the upcoming years, AI along with machine ...

12 Jun 2020
Shirish Netke

PPP is Not a Free Lunch for Banks

During the post-prohibition era in the 1930s, bars offered free lunches to their patrons to get them to buy drinks. 40 years later, Milton Freidman famously summed up the study of economics with the q...

04 Jun 2020
Steve Wilcockson

Data Science And Machine Learning. With Java?

In this blog, I outline briefly: - Common Applications of Data Science - Definitions: Machine learning, deep learning, data engineering and data science - Why Java for data science work...

30 Apr 2020
Sean Hunter

Using unconventional data is key to assessing commercial lending risk

When it comes to commercial lending, credit analysis is an essential part of the process. Banks need to assess the ability of a business to sustain a certain level of debt and repay loans, but a lack ...

17 Apr 2020
Shailendra Malik

5 ways to maximize the value of the AI Solutions

When we start talking about AI, it intrigues many, but then they lose interest at the moment we start discussing the technical details. Let me try to keep this piece a more light-hearted to highlight ...

13 Apr 2020
Anna Mazzone

How to navigate an ever-changing business landscape with forward-looking risk management

The business landscape of today is in constant flux and continually being disrupted by rapid change. From new competitors with disruptive business models to changing customer demographics and dynamics...

12 Mar 2020
Ron Cogburn

Is AI just as Biased as the Humans Creating It?

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom." Isaac Asimov This is a reprint from article in ReadWrite It might appear that da...

10 Mar 2020