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Ron Delnevo

Give Cash a Great Big Hug!

My love affair with cash started with my parents. I was born in the 1950s, entering the world just as the UK was finally leaving World War 2 rationing behind. In those far off days, there was plenty o...

7 h
Financial Inclusion
Ron Delnevo

Cash: The Comeback-Kid?

There is much speculation about the extent of the comeback cash will make after the latest pandemic is behind us. To be fair, cash has had a bit of a tough ride. Lockdowns impacting more than half th...

7 h
The future of Payments in Europe
Shirish Netke

PPP is Not a Free Lunch for Banks

During the post-prohibition era in the 1930s, bars offered free lunches to their patrons to get them to buy drinks. 40 years later, Milton Freidman famously summed up the study of economics with the q...

9 h
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Andrew Beatty

Elevating Customer Experience with NextGen Communications

What’s next: As software goes the way of services, how can financial institutions best take advantage of these investments? Leveraging today’s technologies can help FIs elevate the Customer Experienc...

17 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Konstantin Rabin

Unbounding exemptions for MIFID II and benefits for SMEs

The unbounding exemptions for MIFID II have mostly to do with the costs of research services from asset management companies. Due to the very clear monetary difference between the services provided by...

21 h
Joris Lochy

Customer acquisition cost: probably the most valuable metric for Fintechs

With the word "tech" in Fintech, there is automatically a strong focus on technology in this sector. As a result, we tend to think that the biggest cost of a Fintech company is in building a...

03 Jun 2020
Fintech innovation and startups
Mark Cresswell

2020’s COBOL Crisis is the Canary in the Coal Mine for Established Banks and Insurers

Multiple US state government departments were in the news recently, calling for COBOL programmers to come forward as their mainframe systems failed to handle a surge in unemployment claims processing ...

03 Jun 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mattia Bruzzi

Come on Banks, let's give it a go!

In my previous post I shared my thoughts and concerns about the banking industry real will to support customers when they actually need it. It is a fact that we – the customers - now more than ever, n...

03 Jun 2020
Financial Product personalization
Hannes Van Rensburg

Integrating payments with chat

For a start, it is important to define what I mean by chat. In this context, “chat” does not mean that irritating chat-blob that often pops up when you visit a website. Not at all. What I am referring...

03 Jun 2020
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Jimmy Fong

What have we learned about fraud prevention during the Covid-19 outbreak?

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced the retail industry to adapt to different ways of operating, as physical stores and highstreets close for business and many turned to online trading to stay afloat dur...

02 Jun 2020
Information Security
Tamas Kadar

Choosing the right fraud models during the COVID-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that industries across the board have had to adapt to different ways of operating while countries around the world are in lockdown. From a fraud perspective, companies ...

02 Jun 2020
Information Security
Sassan Danesh

Transforming BoE’s Data Collection: The evolution of regulatory reporting

Finance is very much a data business with financial firms critically dependent on good information. They need fast access to comprehensive data, which provides them with insight in order to provide se...

02 Jun 2020
Banking Regulations