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All about Transformation

Transformation is a much used word today. Every financial institution and Bank  is on a journey to transform themselves. Organisations have set aside millions of dollars for this initiative and are partnering with service providers and creating their own internal teams to complete the journey to transformation.

So what exactly is transformation? And, whoi does it affect, or is supposed to affect? What are the benefits that accrue from this?

In this blog, we will discuss everything related to transformation. Any tit bit which will throw light on this topic.

So, welcome aboard. And, await the first post, after this introductory one.


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Sushama Divekar
Sushama Divekar - Not Applicable - Mumbai 29 September, 2014, 09:43Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Is transformation about changing the process? Or does it involve an enterprise wide change? Right from the operating model, Sales and Servicing, Technology and the organisation?

Let's take an example of customer onborading. Would transformation a digital experience, with a seamless multi channel integration? Or just getting all the information (and documentation) right, the first time would totally transforma the customer's experience? Is it a mix of both. Or does one outweigh the other?

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