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People are bored with social networking sites - here's proof

31 January 2008  |  4554 views  |  0

Have a look at Creative Capital for some figures on a drop-off in both visitor numbers and more crucially the time spent on social networking sites in the U.S.

MySpace showed a drop in engagement time of almost a quarter.

So are people spending less time on these sites because the sites have improved and they are getting more done, more quickly - or are they simply bored and going elsewhere? 

If my own experience is anything to go by - Facebook is handy for tracking down and keeping in touch with friends and some of the stuff on there (Sleeveface for example) is a riot of fun - and you can literally waste hours when you find something that creative. Maybe people are more worried about being fired for wasting all day on these sites and just sneak quick glances at work? 

Perhaps it is boredom - and folk are simply not really that interested in reading a news feed of who has been playing a film quiz or adding/removing an application or receiving a new virtual fish for their virtual aquarium etc. The novelty of much of this wears thin quickly but the genuine human interaction that can occur will keep these sites running for ever. 

The figures are here at Creative Capital .

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