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Richard Kalas

Richard Kalas

Client Solutions Director for Retail Banking at GFT Group
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Majority of consumers feel anxious checking banking apps as cost-of-living challenges bite

16 Jan 2023

It’s safe to say the economic challenges facing banking customers have only been exacerbated in recent weeks and months. The UK has officially entered recession, the cold winter months have meant the cost of energy is squeezing household finances more than ever and wider cost-of-living challenges continue to impact consumer spending. As a result o...


Banks high in customer satisfaction but low in trust - can they improve and why do they need to?

03 Jan 2023

The spread of digitalised services for banking has grown omnipresent. Banks expanded their services into online support and digital banking services as the rise of fintech and challenger banks sparked innovation sector-wide. These services have increased customer satisfaction concerning traditional institutions, however, consumer trust remains low...

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How reactive banks can build resilience for customer and organisation

23 Feb 2023

Economic volatility has ushered in a new wave of financial concern for the UK. Customers of banks who lack in-depth financial knowledge are now relying on banking providers to help inform them to make wiser financial decisions as inflation continues to surge. Guiding customers through the cost-of-living crisis is vital for the well-being of custom...

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