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Dollar 100 oil a barrel, banks for financing opportunities

At US$ 100 oil-a-barrel lots of opportunities can be visible. Every alternative energy / research project on earth was looking expensive at $28 or $36 or $46. But what about $ 60-70-80-90 and now intermediately at $100? Prices are varying everyday and how long one should wait?

Do Banks have alternative energy divisions? Has anything done beyond research reports? I am sure lots of Greenfield / tested ventures have been already financed and also aligned with PE / VCs perspective. But still a lot being desired beyond talking over again and again. Time for action now and grabbing some real opportunities.

Alternatives of Wind / Solar / hydro-electric / bio-fuel / rain-harvesting / Nuclear energy etc and the list is endless. (Help planet with lower carbon emission, may be).

And this is the time to respond to the opportunity.,8599,1699595,00.html

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