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Worldwide Devices to Reach 2.35 Billion this Year

As mobile applications become increasingly important to users, many companies are failing to leverage them to boost consumer engagement. According to recent Genesys research, there are an estimated 1 million mobile applications representing 40 billion downloads by consumers across the globe. Furthermore, Gartner has projected that worldwide devices (including smartphones and tablets) will reach 2.35 billion in 2013.

The head of mobile solutions has a task to address the issue of capturing and engaging customers. Similarly, what other significant challenges need to be tackled?

  • Is your mobile infrastructure future-proofed to support consumers’ new and old devices?

Mobile infrastructure needs to support your users now and on any future device. The key is to select a platform agnostic solution that supports all Internet and mobile technologies.

  • Can you ensure a high performance mobile solution regardless of connectivity, location or device?

Consumers need to be offered a consistently-high quality of service. Effective mobile customer care requires companies to raise the bar on data distribution solutions that can handle high volumes of data and connections with no impact on the end-user.  Stale information should be automatically removed from any live, one or two way data stream, to improve overall app performance.

  • Is your mobile solution scalable?

Choosing a solution to support rapid-scaling to maintain all types of data events as they occur is vital.

  • How can a mobile infrastructure be provided without heavy investment?

Your mobile solution should complement existing IT infrastructure, but allow the business to disrupt existing industry by offering competitive differentiation.  This can be through speed at which data is delivered and the ability to handle any mobile device without heavy development. The technology team should use existing APIs that easily connect into the existing solution.

Organizations not only need to provide apps to capture this substantial market opportunity, but also need to meet consumer expectations.



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