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Standards Forum Day Three

Welcome to hump day.  Day 3 of Sibos and we are closer to the end than we are to the beginning.  I’m running on fumes now, waiting for my second wind to kick in. Another packed agenda on the Standards Forum.  Who’s ready for some fun?

We kick off with Professor Poppe again. Today Tom will be talking about how the standards are responding and evolving to meet the deluge of regulatory reform that is heading our way.

Immediately following Tom is a panel discussion on the implementation of 20022 by four of the BRICA countries, including Arthur Cousins, my old friend and colleague from many a working group past.  Generally speaking the emerging economies are not saddled with a bunch of legacy baggage like most developed markets. So, in theory it should be easier to leap frog to the latest technologies.  The key words here are “in theory”. It’s still not necessarily easy.  Looking forward to hearing the panelists share their experiences.

At 10:30 we have the second in the series of Future of Standards sessions. Today we have Ineke Bussemaker looking at this from a technology point of view.  The lunchtime session features a discussion around standards relating to Big Data. Panelists include IBM, Goldman, and Gartner.

At 2pm we have an update on MyStandards.  MyStandards was officially released into the wild at Sibos last year, so should be interesting to hear feedback from the panelists.  Is it living up to expectations?  Hoping Marc Delbaere, the MyStandards Product Manager, will provide some insights into the product pipeline. I want more!

Starting at 3pm the rest of the day is devoted to discussions around web based payments. Manu Sporny from Digital Bazaar will share his views on what could very well turn out be an 8.0 jolt with an epicenter somewhere near Brussels.

Don’t forget to enter the Geek of the Week competition.  Funny how it's become so fashionable to be called a geek.  To win this iPad you're going to have to answer fifteen questions.  Fifteen?!?!  The winner will be announced at the closing ceremony tomorrow.




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