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blind regulation .......... or uneducated

Recent rumors have shown some companies have been allowed to both see and trade before  officially numbers have been announced .  They attempt to justify that these figures were given out in the public domain ? I struggle to see why the regulators do not act as this accounts to serious front running  and simple to catch . Time and sales on their trade receipts will show that the trades were before the stated figure time .   I believe they are not guilty of knowing the figures early but are guilty of trading  before the ststed time ; non farm pay roll was leaked by a news agency and therefore gave a huge and illegal advantage to certain HFT and other algo companies . 

"fair and orderly markets " are essential to restore  confidence  and I struggle to understand why the "cheetahs" are allowed to carry on ? Perhaps we have learnt nothing since the libor fiasco and need a new independent regulator to monitor our markets ?




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