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Exploring Success Factors for the Digital Wallet

Mobile operators, handset makers, retailers and financial institutions are all staking their claim for a share of the digital wallet opportunity. Who wins the wallet war will depend upon a number of factors, not least of which is usability on all existing touch points.

Why is this so important?

Simply, because that's where the consumers are.

Consumers' purchasing habits have undergone a huge shift in recent years. A study on multi channel shopping found that consumers were narrowing down their choice of retailers, but using multiple touch points to transact with each. Retailers delivering high quality seamless experience, across several touch points had a better chance of making the shortlist. The obvious implication is that digital wallets must be compatible with all these touch points in order to be able to take a share of those transactions.

 The use of multiple touch points - sometimes within a single transaction - will only increase in future. Check out these figures:

 The iPad continues to sell like hot cakes. Its latest edition sold 3 million units within the first weekend of its launch. But what is more significant is that the tablet isn't replacing its closest predecessor - the Smartphone - but rather, adding to its numbers. The Smarpthone is also growing from strength to strength. And now the social network is emerging as a transaction touch point, with its exciting promise of social commerce.

 Do digital wallet providers need any more arguments in favor of a strong multi touch point strategy?



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