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Live at Finovate

Today's the day. Finovate Europe 2012 has arrived and I’ve just completed my demo.

Today is proving to be a fantastic showcase for innovation happening throughout the financial services industry. And it's great to see so much variety and such an international flavour - only one session and already we've seen solutions relating to savings, cloud identity management, social betting on stock markets and credit checking for SMEs, to mention only a few.

For me it's those companies addressing the issue of security and identity that are of most interest, especially in relation to new forms of banking and payment. As I've discussed in previous blogs, identity and security applications are evolving hugely, most notably through use of mobile and voice.

It was really interesting to read Liz Lumley's blog on the issue of identity in FS recently. Whether the idea of linking up social media and banking really takes off remains to be seen, but either way the importance of having a trusted holder of customer identity verification information cannot be doubted. And what better, more trusted basis to start from but voice.


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