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Seasonal Security: A Poem

It’s that time of year, for holiday cheer,

to give of ourselves and ring in the New Year.

But while you celebrate, please keep in mind,

criminals and hackers are not far behind.


Mobile malware is here; it’s increased since last year.

Be sure to install mobile malware protection,

so that you don’t receive an unwelcome infection.


QR codes are barcodes consumers can scan.

With their smartphones in hand,

a digital bar can locate a great deal, near or far.

But not so fast: these codes can be tricky.

Bad guys can use them to slip your cell a Mickey.

Before clicking that link, remember to think:

Is that code okay? Or might it be sticky?


Scareware pops up with frightening lies:

“Your PC has a virus! Install me, or it dies!”

But before you take action, be aware it’s a scam,

and shut down that pop-up before you get jammed.


Apples are targeted now more than ever,

‘cause when Mac users hear “virus,” they say, “Not me! No way! Never!”

But they ought to know, studies now show

there is plenty of malware that will plague Macs forever.

So install antivirus. Don’t think, “It can’t happen to me,”

or soon you will see, a Mac is as vulnerable as a PC.


Watch out! For holiday phishing!

Or you may wind up wishing

you didn’t believe the hysteria,

when that “prince” from Nigeria,

turns out to be a boldface con

and your money is gone.


Happy holidays to all! Enjoy the season! Have a ball!

And when you give, I implore you to heed,

it’s those that have not that are truly in need.




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