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Use SIBOS for Competitive Advantage

We all know that SIBOS is a massively important event for the FinTech community, it is also a perfect time to lay down competitive traps for your competition. Your potential customers will be listening to your value proposition and then quickly visiting your competition so laying down your traps in an intelligent and indirect way that makes your customer think to ask a challenging question of your competitor is crititical.

Be warned, you will also need to pre-empt competitive traps so take the time to walk around the event and understand new offerings that your competition is promoting and use your extended network to ask more critical questions that you can not ask. Also remember that when customers are on your stand you need to explain your product/service benefits +1 - i.e. sell to the decision maker who is not attending SIBOS as well as those who are in front of you. Understand what the decision maker is looking for otherwise if you go off on a tangent and explain a product feature that is not relevant to either party you will be wasting your time and infulence. If you expalin something that appeals to the decision maker and it gets relayed back to them by the attendee/evaluator then that is perceived time well spent attending SIBOS.  Happy selling!

TAS Competitive Traps

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