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NATO persecution infiltration not working

It appears that someone took the side of the underdog when NATO somewhat foolishly chose poor words in a report where 'infiltration & persecution' were the recipe for hurt feelings. Besides the fact that 'persecution' is specifically prohibited by the UN, NATO, in a glaring show of their Freudian slip chose the wrong words, which resulted in them losing their undies too. Was all laid bare?

Are we about to be seeing the chickens come home to roost in this fraud of a world devoid of ethics?

SunTsu might have had some ideas but the 21st century provides the perfect tools to arrange plenty of amusing shows like 'hoisted by their own pitard'. Using words.

The Lulzboat appears to sail on.

Soon you'll perhaps be able to spot the culprits just by their storage requirements. I've heard 40 terrabytes & counting. The river is wide and it is flowing fast. My advice - best not paddle against it.

I do believe I have found it far more entertaining than the television. Lets hope we have cool heads & make something good of it eh? Opportunity.

After all, it's not like we didn't know the reality, no professional could be surprised, not here anyway.

The real worry is that the emperor has never had any clothes. Best to assume so & get on with the future.

Read a report of the NATO thingy here


p.x. I had my own Fraudian slip.

p.s. I hear NATO can relax, the Israeli's have upset someone apparently.


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