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SEPA vs. Open Source development

As final day for SEPA has been changed, again. I started to think what we could learn from Open Source Development. Every day streets and meeting rooms of Brussels get important people to discuss hard topics. Every night they fly away and meet again next week or month to discuss again technical papers on important issues. This could be SEPA, this could be MIFID, this could anything what we deal everyday. 

I have some kind of naive idea, what would SEPA be today if we would have used the same working method what brought Linux to world and after that created several other open source developments like Android. At least I think, there would have been already better solutions for SEPA, better technical platforms, better business models, less money spent on meeting and more actions to take.

Meeting and having seminars are so yesterday. Discussing and developing while sharing knowledge online everyday is today. For this point if we take a look of Android mobile platform. It was only few years ago when Android open platform was introduced and now it is dominant mobile platform. It still has bugs but still it killed Symbian and is far better than Microsoft mobile solution which has been built several (over 10 years) and still lacks users.

I would like to hear your open idea how we should use same working methods from other technical platforms and implement it to the banking world. Of course we can argue that banking platforms require security, but so does every other technical platform. We in the banking world are so stuck of idea to enjoy business trips to discuss important stuff while other world is taking alternative route to develop ideas to actions.


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A Finextra member 13 April, 2011, 08:45Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Probably worth mentioning that Android is a version of Linux itself (a distro).

Also, Apple's much touted OS is simply another open source system called BSD, which has a less restrictive licence than Linux (Linux insists that all versions of it must remain open source, BSD does not).

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