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Grant MacDonald

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Director of Financial Crime at Experian
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Exposing Financial Crime

Uniting against financial crime: the crucial role of data sharing

20 Mar 2024

Financial crime poses a serious threat to the UK economy, costing billions annually and undermining financial stability. The National Crime Agency estimates that the cost of money laundering in the UK stands at anything between £36 billion and £90 billion, costing an eye-watering £290 billion to the economy – it’s clear that action is crucial. Thi...


The three key characteristics to detect money launderers in the financial sector

20 Jun 2023

The growing complexity of the financial sector is creating new opportunities for money launderers. As a result, it is essential that financial institutions are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and resources when it comes to identifying financial crime. Money laundering poses a lasting threat to the global financial system, enabling criminals...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Why UK banks need to leverage cross-industry transaction data to combat financial crime

21 Mar 2023

Financial crime is a major challenge faced by banks worldwide, and the fight against it requires sophisticated tools and approaches. In the UK, transaction monitoring (TM) has been the backbone of banks' efforts to deter financial crime. However, the TM approach has one critical flaw: it does not provide a cross-industry view of financial transact...