25 February 2018
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Social Banks is a group that aims to discuss trends and debate as the financial services take their first steps into social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc..debate all here.

A shout out to all the FinTech goddesses out there

15 February 2011  |  6012 views  |  0

Someone batted around a sad, but not that surprising, statistic about our Finextra Community demographics yesterday. It's seems that a whopping 16% of our readership are women. Way-Hey! 

OK, so we cover the financial services industry and the technology industry - the two alpha males of the alpha-male dominated industries. But, come'on 16%? Can't we, at least, get those female numbers up to the giddy heights of say, 30%? 

I've spent 17 years in this industry. I meet smart, accomplished women who work in technology and banks all the time. You have to be quick to secure a place at the semi-annual FISD's Womens' luncheons and, from what I hear, the Women in Technology events in London are consistently packed to the girders. 

At our upcoming Social Media Days (blog and news items to follow) we have Karoline Reiss, former structured derivatives trader at BlackRock turned social media consultant giving the keynote in New York as well as Joyce Sullivan, board director of the Financial Women's Association of New York moderating our closing panel looking at the future of social media. 

The women are out there - I think they just need a bigger spotlight. So, in honor of our upcoming Social Media Days, and as a way to highlight more cool women in financial services and technology, I've created a Twitter list - The FinTech Goddesses List . Basically, I clicked on all the women whom I follow (and follow me) on Twitter. 

Please highlight all the women who make op our FinTech community - whether they be a junior PR girl or C-level executive at a top tier investment bank - let's not be satisfied with 16%.

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