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Ok, this is part of my agenda every day. I consult companies how to do better business online. My two major areas are online identification and online payments. First means in practice, how do you know your customer? There are several tools and practices how you can identify your customer, but my concern is how to know 100 % sure that this is the customer I can really trust. 

Second part is online payments. Not only PayPal or credit cards, but there are several locally used services. Like in my former home country, there are bank based online debit payment systems, which are locally dominating markets. For example one of my customer tried several years to get bigger market share. After he started to use local online payment systems, his markets grew. 

What comes to online identification, I am proud owner of service where all legal documents can be send and sign online with locally legally binding online signatures. 

My blogs will cover these kind of issues and explain why world of payment and identification is not ready, yet. 

First real post will cover how to use reference numbers in SEPA payments, when company and account is in one country and customer is using domestic payment system in other country. But that is tomorrow.



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