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Welcome to Global Fragmentation!

As you can see, the clever guys at Fidessa Labs have been pretty busy over the summer.

They've added coverage for the USA, Canada, Japan and the rest of Asia - all in all around 200,000 individual stocks and indices (and growing!) to provide a truly global view of fragmentation.

The new site also provides further insight into the world-wide experiment that is going on in terms of precisely what is the best way to achieve better execution. Is it the US rules based RegNMS approach, MiFID's principles based approach in Europe, Canada's hybrid approach, or even the free market forces that are starting to ignite the fragmentation fire in Japan and the rest of Asia?

We are all guinea pigs in this experiment - regulators, venues, brokers, traditional buy-sides and the newer HFT community. The stakes are high and there are plenty of vested interests in trying to persuade you to each of their points of view. By providing unbiased, reliable (and free) information, we hope this site goes some way towards helping you decide for yourself and that it allows you to spot - and capitalise on - market opportunities directly.

Try the new ‘global' button on the Fragulator, for example. This allows you to look at the complete global trading pattern for a stock or index over and above its domestic fragmentation issues.

There's still more to do, though, so please let us know what you think and what new features you would like to see added.

Meanwhile, a huge thank you to everyone that has made this happen so far, and to you for reading this and being part of the global fragmentation community.


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