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Makes my blood boil

Whilst reading my regular daily newspaper I read some articles that made my blood boil, I could feel the blood pressure rising as I gnashed my teeth.

Carlisle Castle is 900 years old, give or take a year. It has, like all functional defences of the day, a sloping grass bank leading into a grassy former moat. Now the Chief Imbecile at Health and Safety Central has deemed the banks too deep to mow becasue of Health & Safety fears. Now I detest the rise of H&S and the way its handled in this country, I think it holds us to ridicule but as I read on it got worse.

English Heritage paid an out of court settlement to a trespasser, let me emphasise here, a TRESPASSER, who slipped on the bank and hurt her bottom. English Heritage paid her £15,000 (she'd claimed £50,000) and also paid her legal fees of £37,250. Why on earth did they feel that they needed to settle, she was a trespasser breaking the law.

Further in the paper was another article about fraudsters who trip over kerb stones, pavements, fall into potholes etc. The article says that councils across Britain pay out millions of pounds in personal injury compensation to people involved in accidents on council property.

Now I'm sure there is some real claimants who have been seriously injured due to some tardy council repair work but what percentage are real? In these days of cutbacks and austerity I want the wasters made to pay. If we, the taxpayer, are paying millions of pounds then I want full accountability and I want to see every false claimant pursued through the courts to get our money back. Anyone breaking the law and  injured in the course of that action should be sued for waisting public time.

Moving from the financial to the human cost of this absurd application of H&S, another article stated a three year old boy was refused the use of a shops staff toilet because of H&S fears. His mother was forced to take him outside for the poor little fellow to pee in the kerb.

I hate the abuse of H&S, and I detest the waste of time, effort and money on its application.





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John Dring
John Dring - Intel Network Services - Swindon 25 August, 2010, 16:22Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

hear hear.  Political Correctness moved into H&S.  In the end, its the law that is the ass, and lets the whingers and greedy get rich. It'd never happen in Australia.