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Roy McPherson

Consultant at Macroy Consulting
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Bio I have extensive knowledge of Treasury Products from trade through to settlement. My main areas of expertise are FX, MM, Cash & Liquidity. Career History Pre-Sales & Sales, Account Manager, Head of Operations



6 Nations Rugby Competition

24 Jan 2012

Come join my Six Nations prediction game on SportGuru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here: Pool name: City People Pool code: grewapis Theres no money involved, its for fun, so if you think you know your rugby come and join in the fun.


Auld Lang Syne

13 Jan 2012

The English/Scottish affair goes back many a year to the extent that the wood is completely obscured by the trees. As a descendent of a Scottish Royal Marine I declare my hand as a lover of the land and many of the people North of the English border. Our relationship with Scotland is complex but should not be devalued and I suspect Mr Salmond is p...


What have the Romans done for us?

10 Nov 2011

Well there's the aqueduct, sanitation, roads, irrigation, medicine, education, and the wine. But also the current Italy has corruption, bureaucracy, low productivity, 3rd rate education system. When there was a headlong rush to create the Euro zone and anyone displaying a hint of scepticism was a luddite all of the National books were meant to be ...


The Emperors New Clothes

19 Oct 2011

On the 17th Oct the BBC ran a programe called 'RBS; Inside the bank that ran out of money'. I downloaded the prog from the BBC I player and watched a very good and insightful documentary on a classic case of the Emperors New Clothes. The documentary detailed the rise and fall of the bank, following its growth via purchases of Nat West, ABN and Ci...