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Interview of Nick Ogden -Voice Commerce, last part

Here's the last part ! Enjoy !

Bruno Joanides (BJ) : Do you plan to extend your activities to other countries? What is your strategy about this?

Nick Ogden (NO) : Yes our network already covers 50 countries and we are already building relationship and partnerships within the EU, but welcome all approaches for collaboration

BJ : What is your development strategy? Do you consider adding more services?
NO : Our R+D heritage means new services

BJ : Are you looking for new partners/acquisitions?

NO: Yes and both!   Partners to work with us on our collaborative Trust Centre network, and acquisitions that deliver distribution.

BJ :Are you in line with the figures set in your business plan?

NO: Yes but we are ramping up the business as membership to Visa and MasterCard occurred very quickly

BJ : Do you plan to recruit people in 2010, 2011? How many?

NO: We may grow to over 200 by 2012


Information system

BJ : Could you give an overview of your information system?

NO: It’s simple we use voice biometrics to create your own voice signature and that removes the need for the creation of PINS and Passwords. We normally initiate an outbound call to a mobile to authenticate a transaction which can be wither a payment or identity verification and the combination of application and operation gives a very robust and patented system. Oh and we guarantee all this as well so a payment transaction is guaranteed.

BJ: What was the main challenge for you from a technical point of view?

NO : It has been very difficult to go from lab to commercial roll out and has taken us about 4 years to get there, add to that all the regulatory challenges that require robust technology and you start to understand why Oracle and SAP are close friends. 



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