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Do banks do what they are supposed to do? - the Twitterview

The Tweet-universe demanded it, so ... it's back, the Finextra Twitterview.

This time we will be Tweeting with Josh and Shamir at banksimple - a new retail ‘main street' bank due to launch soon in the US.

  • When: March 17, 2010 12:00 EDT (16:00 GMT)
  • Where: Follow @Finextra and @banksimple
  • Hashtag: #finxlive

The whole philosophy behind banksimple, is that somewhere along the line banks lost sight of ‘what they are supposed to do' - that is to look after your money. Complex terms and conditions and hidden fees designed to take advantage of customers not understanding (or not reading) the overly-complex terms and conditions.

Finextra have a whole host of questions for banksimple. If the Finextra Community would like to submit questions, please send them to or @LizLum.

Or you can participate in the Twitterview (Finextra will be moderating, however - we love social media, but journalistic structure and relevance still have a place in this world.)

Follow @Finextra and @banksimple and #finxlive to watch the Tweets, where we will be looking at the problems with modern banking and some of the strategies for fixing those problems.


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