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Social media and banks; uneasy bedfellows? The Twitterview

Always one to embrace anything new and shiny, Finextra is embarking on our very first Twitterview.

When: Feb. 17, 14:00 GMT

Where: Follow @Finextra and @brettking

Hashtag: #finxlive

Finextra will be chatting with industry consultant Brett King author of the book Bank 2.0. He is also the founder of the International Academy of Financial Management.

As a consultant, King has worked with HSBC, Citigroup, UBS, Standard Chartered, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, EmiratesNBD, RBS, CSFB, and BNP Paribas among others.

Be a part of Finextra history and follow us (@Finextra) to watch the Tweets, where we will be discussing how banks are using and experimenting with social media to interact with their customers.

Sound interesting? But what is this 'Twitterview' you ask?

Well, simply, it is an interview conducted on Twitter. (each Q&A 140 characters or less). Hashtags are used, in our case #finxlive, to allow the audience to follow the chat. Finextra's first Twitterview will be global, with our editorial team based in London and King tweeting his answers to our questions from his base in Hong Kong.

(Supposedly the first Twitterview was between ABC News and Senator John McCain in 2008 - but let's not digress into Internet media history)


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