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Digital Banking Trends

Retail CBDCs (part 2): what's in it for the banks?

10 Oct 2022

In my last article I talked about how Retail CBDCs are gaining momentum globally and how they’re expected to work, with commercial banks as important participants. But offering CBDC services even with capped wallets may result in an outflow of deposits and a reduced balance sheet, obviously not good news. So why would banks want to do this? What'...

Digital Banking Trends

Retail CBDCs: why commercial banks will be key players

03 Oct 2022

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) - a digital form of central bank money - are firmly on the radar of Central Banks globally. According to the Atlantic Council over 100 countries are actively exploring a CBDC. Many are further along on their journey with some already launched. But why do we need them? And what role will commercial banks play?...