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Just a little note for writers or those who hesitate

The US has been drafting laws covering internet copyright, libel, protection of sources etc. The UK libel laws are somewhat fierce but I don't know whether the gives any protection.

There has been some radioactive discussion on the wording with previously bloggers left out and here is the latest version of what or who constitutes a 'covered person' in the proposed legislation.

(A) means a person who—

(i) with the primary intent to investigate events and procure material in order to disseminate to the public news or information concerning local, national, or international events or other matters of public interest, regularly gathers, prepares, collects, photographs, records, writes, edits, reports or publishes on such matters by—

(I) conducting interviews;
(II) making direct observation of events; or
(III) collecting, reviewing, or analyzing original writings, statements, communications, reports, memoranda, records, transcripts, documents, photographs, recordings, tapes, materials, data, or other information whether in paper, electronic, or other form;

(ii) has such intent at the inception of the process of gathering the news or information sought; and

(iii) obtains the news or information sought in order to disseminate it by means of print (including, but not limited to, newspapers, books, wire services, news agencies, or magazines), broadcasting (including, but not limited to, dissemination through networks, cable, satellite carriers, broadcast stations, or a channel or programming service for any such media), mechanical, photographic, electronic, or other means.


Better get a few blogs under your belts if you'd like to be 'covered'. The word 'regularly' would seem to be relevant.

I'm sure there are plenty of you with something relevant and stimulating and that most readers are by definition 'gathering'. Do a little bit of dissemination.

Don't be put off by lack of comments, there are only perhaps one comment for every thousand reads on average, so it's no indication of how valuable your contribution is, whether you are providing some amusement, mental stimulation or promoting innovation. We perhaps need more humour. Comments merely provide the opportunity to either increase your insight or reinforce your point, you can't lose.

The main thing is to get writing and posting because therein probably lays your license to do so in the future.


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