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An article relating to this blog post on Finextra:

Travelex abolishes ATM fees on pre-paid cash passport card

Travelex today announced it will abolish ATM cash withdrawal fees on its prepaid Cash Passport card, from 4th August 2009.

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Increasing competition bringing greater rewards to consumers

Not a surprise at all since Caxton FX dropped the atm rates on the Caxton FX prepaid card to zero as well last month and we had forseen that this would have happened with other FX providers too.

I can quite see Rational fx, Fair fx and a few others will follow suit soon as they make money on the FX element for international withdrawals anyway.

I think with all the prepaid travel money cards out there, this is quite simply the effect of how an increase in competition is the market is delivering greater rewards to consumers.

More power to consumers, methinks!




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