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e-invoicing making great progress

Check progress here:

There are some 220 000 enterprises in Finland - by now banks have signed up an estimated 120 000 - other service providers probably 20 000. What you can see from the usage is typical - first you sign them up - then after some delay (rather long as finance department people love order = hate changes = innovations) the take-off appears. The same was very much the case in e-banking - then as now a source for shortlived support for those resisting change.

E-invoicing is the great tool to automate accounting as the posting is done by the invoice sender - often based on reference from e-order. We keep hearing from the great number of accounting firms serving SMEs that this development is much needed as the present generation is nearing retirement and young people (and they are a smaller crowd) are not interested in manual entering of  figures - but want to do more value adding work for their customers.


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