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Santander Measuring Up To My Predictions?

There are some banks out there going full steam ahead and doing good things. In previous mega-blogs I've mentioned Santander as the one to watch. I also suggested that education was a great opportunity for FI's to participate, support and otherwise value add to their customers.

Santander obviously agrees and El presidente Emilio Botin has announced programs with universities everywhere from Russia to South America where Santander will assist with $100m plus in the next few years to fund student exchange programs in many countries with potentially 700 global universities participating in some interesting projects and collaborations.

Santander has been scouring the universities, supporting and hiring students, assisting with technology and is no doubt already reaping benefits. The next few years will see a revolution in the financial services industry and I have Santander pegged as a leader. I'm occasionally wrong, but I hope they carry it through, and perhaps, the standard for the beleaguered industry and prove me right.

There is still a lot more they could do so competitors can still be well and truly in the game.


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