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5 Fintech Startups That Were Featured on Business Insider


In the ever-evolving world of financial technology, numerous startups are making waves with their innovative solutions. Business Insider, a leading business news platform, frequently highlights the most promising companies in this sector. Here, we explore five fintech startups that have caught the attention of the premier publication, showcasing their groundbreaking technologies and unique approaches to financial services.


FINQ is at the forefront of fintech innovation with its revolutionary AI-driven investment platform. This startup is dedicated to breaking down traditional investment barriers, democratizing financial opportunities for everyday people. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, FINQ provides users with personalized investment strategies, making it easier for individuals to achieve financial independence. 

Also known as the “AI that beats the S&P 500,” FINQ uses big data and cutting edge science to create portfolios built to outperform the market. By intelligently structuring vast data sets and transforming them into actionable insights, FINQ not only empowers investors with superior data but also provides investors with the information they need in order to make informed, timely, and, above all, effective decisions.

Read more about FINQ on Business Insider.


Grasp is transforming the financial advisory industry by utilizing artificial intelligence to automate research tasks, making life easier for finance professionals. The company is developing the first domain-specific AI platform tailored to meet the intricate demands of financial advisory. It focuses on improving productivity within the trillion-dollar financial advisory sector by streamlining manual and repetitive processes. 

Launched as a SaaS solution in 2023, Grasp integrates specialized AI systems with reliable tools and data, providing intelligence that exceeds human capabilities. By connecting advanced AI systems with trusted tools and data, Grasp aims to bring superhuman intelligence to finance organizations, significantly enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Read more about Grasp on Business Insider.


Naro empowers financial platforms to create bespoke fund products like ETFs, index funds, and money market funds without the complexities of operational or regulatory challenges. Their groundbreaking infrastructure allows companies to design unique investment solutions, moving away from one-size-fits-all models. This results in reduced fees, higher returns, and more tailored products for consumers.

Naro is dedicated to transforming the fund market by enabling companies to develop their own ETFs and funds seamlessly, bypassing traditional operational and regulatory hurdles. This approach not only ensures fair participation in the fund market but also contributes to a more robust financial system. By facilitating long-term wealth building, Naro is helping to strengthen financial stability for individuals and society at large.

Read more about Naro on Business Insider.


Griffin stands as the pioneering force behind the UK's inaugural full-stack Banking as a Service platform, dedicated to facilitating swift, uncomplicated, and cost-effective integration of financial services into corporate offerings. The overarching goal is to streamline the incorporation of financial functionalities for businesses, allowing them to prioritize the creation of unparalleled customer experiences.

At Griffin, the team shoulders the burden of navigating intricate infrastructure and compliance necessities, granting businesses the freedom to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering world-class solutions to their clientele. Through straightforward APIs, companies can seamlessly embed bank accounts, payment systems, and an array of other financial services into their products, propelling them towards excellence in user experience and functionality.

Read more about Griffin on Business Insider.


YoFio, a fintech firm headquartered in Mexico, is dedicated to fostering financial inclusion among microbusiness proprietors. The company has outlined its intentions to embark on a quest for investors in an upcoming Series A funding round. YoFio's vision for the investment proceeds is to fuel the expansion of its operational footprint, enabling it to cater to a broader spectrum of businesses throughout Mexico initially, with aspirations to extend its reach across the entirety of Latin America in due course.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine vision via its innovative application and platform, YoFio boasts the capability to swiftly evaluate the inventory status and financial well-being of enterprises. This assessment facilitates the provision of a line of credit, ranging from 7,000 to 200,000 Mexican Pesos, to entrepreneurs. This credit line empowers business owners to procure inventory without depleting their available cash reserves, offering a grace period of 14 days with no interest charges.

Read more about YoFio on Business Insider.



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