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Take the easy way - the only way

Take the easy way - the only way

There is still some debate going on in relation to the implementation of easier VAT-rules for invoicing in EU. It is difficult to see any valid counter-arguments to equal-treatment implementation (no additional regulatory demands on e-invoices) especially as:

1. move from paper to e-invoices improves auditability directly - make the step easy - not difficult!

2. equal treatment (no mandatory digital signatures) has not increased fraud

3. a fast migration from paper must thus also from these angles be a key target for anybody interested in national and EU productivity

4. too steep steps - mandatory digital signatures for example - have slowed down progress - preserved old practises and worse - led to erosion in rule of law

5. by making the step-in easy - just like sending and receiving paper - will lead to enterprises finding it easy to move to the next steps - using ready and coming technologies for automating processes further and improve document storage and retrievability. This must for all logical reasons be both the logical and only realistic roadmap - both for enterprises, tax authorities and technology vendors.

As tax payers we are all interested in better conditions for business in EU - with worse conditions taxation will rise - with better conditions we have more resources to finance both welfare and the immense challenge ahead of us - the structural change in work life - demanded by the rapidly aging population.

It is clear to most - even in media today - that digitalization is the key to the structural change lock - it can make all work more productive, it can eliminate much work (that we will not have the workforce for) and it will be much greener. Here e-invoicing is the next step  - anybody delaying it should have really good reasons.


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