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The Five Biggest Security Threats Facing Businesses Today

Robert Siciliano 2/12/2

Millennials, the next generation of technology savvy workers are coming to a cubicle near you. They are a generation of technogeeks that dont know they are techno or geeks. I had a rattle. They had a PS2.

This generation knows enough to fix it and enough to break it. They are the best thing and the worst thing to happen to IT administrators. They are armed with netbooks, iphones and their own routers they plug into your network. They access Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and countless other sites that should not be accessible from a corporate network.

Yes, you can control what they do on-site. But it gets more complicated when they are commuting virtually. Using their PCs to log into your network becomes a battle of the techies (your IT guy vs them) to see who wins. They dont want restrictions, they want speed and will do their best to defeat whatever technology IT has in place.

Poison Pharms; is the redirect of your domain of your companies website, it’s the equivalent of someone rerouting your phone lines to a boiler room operation across the street and posing as your business.

Storm Clouds; as many forgo software and adopt software as a service, the potential for data lost or stolen in the cloud rises. The information is virtual, its overseas, it goes through another router you dont control.

Credit Crunch; recent studies show on average companies will allocate ONE more full percentage point of their annual budget into IT security. ONE! Criminals are spending lots more and they are investing whatever they need to get into your networks and they are using your data and turning it into money to do it.

Offshoring; countries in the game only a short time have exploded with growth in their IT sectors. While most have invested heavily in their infrastructures and in security, the pace of growth for some has outpaced security.

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