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Global Warming Is Manifesting Itself Quickly

I don't need to convince many Europeans that there is a change in the weather, and what we are experiencing in Australia is certainly enough to convince me.

The weather is getting wilder. Sydney went from a four day 40 degree heatwave and the next day the temperature dropped 20 degrees Celcius to set a record drop.

If that isn't enough to startle you, imagine the people in Gunnedah in Central New South Wales (same day, same state as Sydney) where the temperature was 37 Celcius with a wind gusting 130kmh and 15 minutes later the temperature had dropped 20 degrees Celcius and a thunderstorm hit them.

It might not necessarily be the slow warming that we should fear, but more the wild variations we could see. There are plenty of other planets to observe where storms boggle the mind and scientists have suggested that the earth has in the past been ravaged by violent weather.

The potential disruption to essential services and food production are of real concern. Fire-storms are yet another. The scale of natural disasters will be magnified. The scale of thinking and co-operation will have to match it.

It will take a lot of money.



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